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Hospital and Communities

Hospital and Communities

In order to efficaciously counteract nosocomial infections, medical facilities have put in place disinfection procedures where the use of biocides on the basis of “hydrogen peroxide” allows the installations to be reclassified for new uses. The applications are multiple and varied.

In the fight against infections, our SolidFog® technology is extremely efficient in eliminating spores, bacteria and viruses that are associated with a wide range of nosocomial pathogenic agents (MRSA, BLSE, CDAD,...). The disinfection is made to occur in the room as a whole, including sensitive medical equipment that is left inside the room.

Suitable to be used in:

  • Hospital rooms before a new patient comes in
  • Ambulances after carrying high-risk patients
  • Inter-zone insulation air locks
  • Surgical suites
  • Accident & Emergency quarters
  • Child nurseries
  • Retirement homes
  • Doctor’s cabinets
  • Morgues
  • Penitentiary institutions