💥🔬 Our R&D team has struck again!

Our range of H2O2 decontamination solutions will soon expand with a compact and portable mobile centralized system, small only in size!

Our upcoming mobile centralized system for H2O2 decontamination is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking decentralized decontamination services without committing to a fixed centralized system.

This mobile centralized system consists of 2 distinct units: one placed in the decontamination area connected to mobile devices - DosyMist or DosyMistXL, and the other located outside the area communicating with the first unit in real-time via a secure Ethernet or Wifi connection.

To control the decontamination cycles, everything is linked to a control application available on PC or tablet/smartphone, also through a secure connection.

While not replacing fixed solutions, our mobile solution redefines decontamination standards with its ability to connect up to 6 DosyMist via satellite. Direct communication between DosyMist and the control system allows real-time cycle analysis, ensuring optimal effectiveness at each step of the process.

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