Straight forward

Our technology allows to start cycles without conditioning phase within a wide range of temperature and humidity operating conditions.

Designed to make it easy

The cycles are designed to achieve proper results in worst case conditions and they are not validated by taking environmental parameters but by ensuring proper execution by the equipment control system.

Save consumables

Our approach do not rely achieving high levels of ppms in the enclosure that involves wasting a lot of H2O2 but in achieving micro-condensation, making the amount of biocide fit to the purpose.

Validation and Compliance

We are mainly focused in delivering solutions for the pharma and GMP regulated industries. The efficiency of our standard solution has the NFT 72-281:2014 certificate as recommended by the ECA (European Chemical Agency) in its BPR Guidance (Biocidal Products Regulation). 

Wide range of applications

Our technology can be easily applied in multiple applications, from large room biodecontamination to small chamber isolators or pass-box, filling machines RABS, etc. 

Dealing with a specialist

We are 100% devoted to biodecontamination with H2O2. Whenever you come with a problem, we know how to help you. 

Prestige references

When you buy from us, you can rely in a partner that has a very good reference list in pharma industry. Solidfog brand is one of the most prestiged ones in front of inspections by their achievements in very demanding companies.