Solidfog is above all a technological company dedicated to the development and innovation of H2O2 decontamination solutions. Our main marketing tool, the one we work on daily, is customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our vision 

Becoming an international recognised company for its passion for innovation translated through its range of products and solutions. With a social responsibility to its employees, being a workplace where everyone can develop new skills and abilities.

Our mission

Our mission is to be on the cutting edge of technology with high value-added solutions for long-term satisfaction of our customers working in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • High tech: We always desire to improve tomorrow’s technologies - technology monitoring and innovation are the heart of our approach.
  • Adapted solutions: flexibility remains our main key word, customers are different, their needs and capacities too, that's why we aim to offer a wide range of products and custom/individual services to satisfy the needs of bio decontamination of each.
  • Added value: experience does not define us as a mere equipment manufacturer. We offer comprehensive and efficient solutions making our customers life easier.
  • Long-term customer satisfaction: Our goal is to design and provide an optimal combination of protection, advice and services. Integrity driven “customer service", we aim for an honest relationship in the long term.

Our values

  • Innovation: Innovation and development remain the driven passions of our company technical staff. We remain in continuous technological development. The respect and professionalism with which innovation is approached, also allows us to be entrusted with developments.
  • Flexibility: A human-sized structure allowing to respond in a complete and precise manner to different specifications of our customers. Global solution being our goal, from the basis of standard models we personalize the range of products according to the requests of our customers.
  • Quality / services:  A high quality charter has been put in place, meeting pharmaceutical industry standards. Quality products satisfying customer needs is the guarantee of a long-term presence in our target markets.
  • Proactivity, foresight: Anticipation is the key to provide an efficient and high-quality work to our customers. Once again, our human-sized structure remains our greatest asset.