The roots of the company come from Techspray SPRL, a company founded in 2005 in Assesse (Belgium), with the initial purpose of developing spraying technologies for different markets and applications. By that starting times, GSK Vaccines in Belgium was looking for an alternative decontamination technology to the fumigation with formaldehyde. They were evaluating different technologies, suppliers and methodologies with the aim of finding a more simple way to work it out, at a higher level of reliability and also as much efficient as possible from the economic stand point. Techspray was the selected vendor and after a hard work of co-development with customer technical staff and users, we successfully validated our spraying technology for the bio-decontamination application in Pharma.  

Today, under the brand name Solidfog, the company has the necessary foundations to expand internationally, offering one of the most interesting and original solutions designed for pharma industry, where GMP procedures and validation are the key factor. Our new facility is 100% focused in the research, development and supply of VH2Otechnology applied to biodecontamination. Our solutions are already used by top reference companies and sites worldwide with aseptic processing units such as GSK, Sanofi, Zoetis, Pfizer and Novartis among others.