Customers are different, their needs and capacities too. That's why Solidfog offers a range of products tailored to the needs of bio decontamination of each. We propose you a fully integrated solution DosyMist CS®, an automated solution for wide rooms DosyMist XL®, an easy to handle mobile solution DosyMist®, as well as a catalytic solution NeutraMist®.


Our technology has always been viewed as a global solution. It means we are able to answer to a wide range of applications. From small volume as passbox, isolators up to wide rooms of several thousands of m³, our technology is declined to correspond to each application's requirements.


It has always been our goal to design and offer an optimal combination of protection, advice and services. That's why Solidfog propose you several services such as consultancy, maintenance & calibration or decontamination.