Biosafety cabinets

The adaptive solution for decontamination of laminar air flows

There is an increasing need of decontamination for biosafety cabinets or laminar airflow hoods. With our usual will of flexible solution, we have built a solution based on our technology DosyMist® to answer to this application.


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The decontamination of the working surfaces in BSCs and/or other containment equipment should be performed:

  • after a particular work project using infectious materials is completed.
  • before any maintenance work is undertaken on a cabinet.
  • prior to certification or performance tests.
  • before HEPA filter replacement.
  • prior to relocation of the unit to another laboratory.
  • after a major spill of biohazardous agent.

Solidfog has developed a very simple kit that coupled with the Dosymist® portable VH2O2 generator can be easily used to decontaminate such equipment.


The Solidfog principle to decontaminate Biosafety Cabinets is based on injecting via a spray nozzle a specific quantity of 12% H2O2 solution (or similar concentration) inside the free space available in the workbench, which is closed and sealed with a customised panel. Thus, the cabinet becomes a closed chamber where the H2O2 solution evaporates. These H2O2 vapours are able to cross the HEPA filter and the exhaust filter. In order to distribute the vaporised H2O2 throughout the whole enclosed system, the air outlet is connected to a port in the custom panel by means of a flexible pipe, provoking a closed circuit through the different filters. In this way, both filters and the spaces between them are also decontaminated with VH2O2.

Key features

Adaptive design

Able to answer to different sizes of hoods.

Different materials

Available in HPL or in stainless steel.

Short cycle time

It can be coupled to a NeutraMist® to accelerate degradation of H2O2 once decontamination is achieved.

Sales or service

Depending of the need, customer can purchase the system or it can be asked as a dedicated all-in decontamination service.


If the biosafety cabinets requires a maintenance (especially on filters), we provide a full report of decontamination to ensure safety of work for maintenance purpose.