Here’s an example of a VH2O2 biodecontamination project we have recently finished for a big multinational company:

A centralised control system using 2 different H2O2 supply units for remotely installed nebulizers, which are placed in cleanroom and RABS. The control panel with touch-screen HMI is installed nearby and facilitates the management of the entire installation, cycles and reporting, with audit trail and data integrity capabilities.

We are proud of the last words of the customer: “The project turned out as the best executed filling line project on this site and the Solidfog system is the first operational decontamination system for an eye drop line here. A new standard has been set for the future biodecontamination projects”.

The first picture shows the remote spray heads installed on cleanroom wall. The second one represents the HMI synoptic screen installed in cleanroom, resuming the layout of the area to be decontaminated and points of injection status.


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