1. Employees first

Our priority is to make sure that our employees and collaborators are working in a safe way. That’s why we have strengthened our sanitary protocols and provide our employees with all the necessary equipment. For example:

  • We’ve extended the use of digital communications tools and homeworking as much as possible.
  • We manage the flow of workers in order to keep social distancing between them.
  • Each employee has received a sufficient quantity of masks for their professional use but also for their private needs.
  • Disinfectant gel is available at each entrance of our building with automatic dispensers.

2. Achieve our commitments towards our customers

Solidfog Technologies was involved in many projects at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Therefore, it was essential to finish them on time in order to meet the needs of our customers. On-site installations, IQ/OQ protocols, cycle development, all those steps have been achieved respecting the Covid-19 procedures. Our customers needed to keep their production ongoing; our after-sales support team continued to work on the planned preventive requalification and calibration. Many thanks to the whole team for their professional behaviour during these complex months.


3. Providing a solution to a new challenge which appeared during the crisis

Our mission has always been to be innovative and proactive when facing a new issue. Therefore, we have decided to invest some time and resources to find a solution to the shortage of masks which appears in March and April 2020. We have collaborated with the biotech company salamanderU to develop a decontamination solution for FFP2 masks following the recommendations published by FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products). As a result: a high efficiency solution capable of decontaminating masks up to 10 times but also of decontaminating other medical instruments such as respirators. Shortage has fortunately disappeared, but solution remains available and ready to be deployed.

4. An adaptative way of working

Solidfog is above all a technological company dedicated to the development and innovation of H2O2 decontamination solutions. The Covid-19 period has totally disrupted the way of working in all companies; at Solidfog we are now proposing to our employees and partners to meet through videoconference. Specific software has been used during this period and we believe it will be part of the business of tomorrow. Communication will also be an important part of the coming years, to be closer to the concerns and needs of our customers. Go visit our social media and website in the coming weeks to learn more about this!

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