DosyMist XL®

The automated solution for wide rooms

The DosyMist XL® is a stand-alone VH2O2 generator designed for the bio-decontamination of large areas. These units can be remotely controlled and synchronised with other equal units via facility management systems.

The technical features are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry so it is possible to carry out cycle development and process validation quite easily and in relatively short time.

The DosyMist XL® is the natural evolution of the DosyMist® product concept. Launched in 2017, it has two main differences with the other product in the range; the larger capacity with 3 atomisers and with a bigger reservoir, and the introduction of a load cell to control the quantity of biocide injection.


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Key features

Big treatment volume capacity - up to 750m³

The unit is much bigger but still very easy to transport. The biocide tank has up to 10 liters capacity, which is necessary to treat larger areas.
From 75 up to 750 m³ (depending on log reduction challenge and complexity of area).

Adaptive to complex area

Thanks to the increase of number of atomisers, which can be pointed to different directions, the unit can adapt easily to difficult layout configurations.

Cycle control

The unit includes a load cell which allows to control the quantity of biocide to be injected by weight.

Easy to handle

Plug-and-play mobile unit, including its own compressor.

Connected solution

Reliable control system based in a PLC Siemens and Touch-screen HMI. Possibility of communication via Profinet/Profibus cables.


Auto-check diagnostic that avoids any malfunctions when cycle is launched.

Data traceability

Digital registration of different variables that will ensure cycle has been properly performed.

H2O2 12%

Use of non-proprietary and less aggressive biocide solution (12% H2O2).

Remote spray head

Remote spray head can be optionally connected to DosyMist XL® for example to treat high height under ceiling.