The easy to handle mobile solution

The DosyMist® is the first generation of serial portable VH2O2 generators, which was launched by Solidfog in 2012. Since then, more than 600 units have been sold and successfully implemented for different applications requiring H2O2 airborne disinfection.

Most of our customers come from the pharma industry. It is because it has not only been designed to provide an excellent usability and versatility, but also to be a reliable and an easy validation system in life-science laboratories and the GMP production areas. The unit can work as a stand-alone system or connected via Ethernet to a central BMS for remote control.

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Simple: Compact design, reduced size, mobile or fixed components and easy to handle (plug-and-play).
Reliable: Calibration certificate of components, Siemens PLC, control and self-diagnose of working parameters. IQ/OQ complete documentation.
Economical: High quality for a fair price, use of non-proprietary biocide (H2O2 12%), less consumption of H2O2.
Safe: Better and wider materials compatibility due to low concentration decontamination process.
Fast: Shorter cycle times, no need for preconditioning and lower level of H2O2 ppms to be removed at the end of the cycle.
Ease of validation: Great dispersion capacity, very high efficiency (up to 6-log) and capable of monitoring and recording data for cycle validation.

Key features

Easy to handle

Plug-and-play mobile unit, including its own compressor.

Wide treatment volume capacities

From 2 up to 200 m³ (depending on log reduction challenge and architecture of application).
Biocide reservoir of up to 2L.

H2O2 12%

Use of non-proprietary and less aggressive biocide solution (12% H2O2).

Remote spray head

Atomizer with imbedded control which can be optionally placed in a distance position.

Connected solution

Reliable control system based in a PLC Siemens and Touch-screen HMI.
Possibility of communication via Profinet/Profibus.

Data traceability

Digital registration of different variables that will ensure cycle has been properly performed.


Auto-check diagnostic that avoids any malfunctions when cycle is launched.