Maintenance & calibration

The after sales service at its highest added value

We know how important a good management of equipment is required to avoid any issue when used in routine mode. Solidfog purpose to its customer a full package of after sales services: preventive maintenance and periodical calibration. Our team provides high quality support in preventive maintenance and periodical calibration. Trained to accomplish those steps following highest quality and rigorous GDP practice. We provide to you fully traceable protocols with accurate controls of equipment.

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  • Maintenance: Depending how often the equipment is used, we build together a maintenance plan to ensure the adequate replacement of specific parts.
  • Calibration: Different instruments embed are requesting a periodical calibration : such as pressure transmitter, wheiging system, ...

All those steps are always documented through a specific protocol/report, providing a full traceability of actions made through the life of your system.

Key features

Expert operators

Solidfog after-sales team is duly trained to follow any type of follow-up on our equipment.
The team is involved in the production steps to get a better picture on the working principle of each system.

GDP respect

Our team is regularly trained to ensure a rigorous respect of the GDP in all our protocols.

On-site service

Our team can of course work on site to assume this job. They are used to the gowning procedures and they can fit they work to your equipment availability planning.

In Solidfog workshop

When possible, our logistic team can arrange a pick-up of your equipment to ensure maintenance and calibration work directly in our workshop.