Your need in fast cycle

Material air lock and passbox are usually the optimal solution used to manage the input and output material in rooms of different purity class.  From wide MAL of more then 15m³ up to very small passboxes of less then 1m³, we adjust our technology to answer to the requirement of the application. 


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Key features

Adapted recipes

We can adapt our recipe to the application, a pulsed mode with a lower flow rate gives us the possibility to have controlled growth of saturation of the volume.

Flexible design

If involved in design steps, we can ensure a fully integrated system in the SAS/passbox. Even on existing SAS for revamping steps, we are able to provide adaptive solutions.

Short cycle time

If your SAS or passbox needs to be used several time a day, we need then to build short cycle time. Several ways to answer it : high specification for HVAC of system or use of NeutraMist®.