The adaptive solution for contained system

Our technology gives lot of flexibility in regards with the range of application we can follow. When we speak about specific applications involving control of the containment as isolator, we need then to focus on the dedicated needs of those applications:

  • Small volumes
  • Short cycle times
  • Control of load (material) inside isolator
  • Ergonomic integration
  • Ease of use for the operator

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Key features

Short cycle time

Combination of DosyMist® and NeutraMist® provide the possibility to build recipe able to provide real short cycle for isolators process chambers or for SAS in/out of Isolator.

Adaptive design

We are able to customize the design of our system providing flexibility of integration for any kind of isolators/RABS design.

High cycle performance

As for all our application, we provide a full decontamination log 6 even for our short cycle times.