DosyMist CS®

Centralized DosyMist for fully integrated solution

The trend on the market is now going on automated system to avoid too many human actions. Since Solidfog tries all the time to anticipate the evolution of customer's need, we have built for several years now different software solutions to answer to it. 

3 different families of DosyMist CS are up to now available:

  • DosyMist CS® for fixed injection points
  • DosyMist CS® for mobile units
  • DosyMist CS® for hybrid solution with mobile units and fixed injection points

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A centralized system is usally built for customer who needs frequent use of their decontamination system. It requires different components:

  •  A main cabinet placed in technical area with all electrical and automation components.
  • If fixed injection points are involved, then weighing system cabinet are needed (they could be placed in technical area or the surrounding area of decontaminated rooms).
  •  Fixed injection points placed in the different area to be covered.
  • If mobile units are involved then rj45 connections should be present from room to main cabinets.
  • HMI: to pilot the system.


Key features

Audit trail

Audit trail is available as required, loaded on our HMI, it gives you the traceability of each actions done on the system.

Data traceability

Automatic data traceability, system is connected to customer's server to record live all the parameters of the cycle. Able also to send final report of decontamination cycle when it's over.

Full Automatic mode

Our system can become slave of your BMS to exchange signals with your different utilities such as HVAC, interlocking, H2O2 sensors, ...
It provides a full automated cycle where all the steps are properly executed: preparation, injection, contact time, aeration, and release of interlock for coming back in the room.