When understanding customer needs is the most important

From advise in defining your needs, going through pre-design and building URS up to commissionning protocols steps, we can assist you in different ways. Providing a support based on more then 15 years in H2O2 cold nebulization. We are used to the writing and execution of protocols such as FAT, IQ/OQ, SAT. We provide assistance in the cycle development answering to your requirements.

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    We bring to our customer our knowledge of the process to make sure he can choose the accurate solution, able to answer to its real needs. At every steps of the project, we have on board experts able to help our customer.

    We have also the possibility to assume the writing and the execution of different protocols:

    • FAT 
    • IQ/OQ
    • SAT
    • Cycle development
    • Validation

    Key features

    URS writing support

    When a company decides to move in direction of H2O2 decontamination solutions, it's important to provide an objective support to help them understanding their needs.

    Design qualification

    When a project starts, it's important to build through some dedicated documents a technical view of what needs to be done. Identification of responsibilities of every project's actors are really important to focus of the final target which is the compliance.


    The Factory Acceptance Test, when requested, is for us a way to show to our customer how rigorous is the work done in our workshop. By following a protocol, we can ensure that the main functionalities of the solution ordered are fully respected.


    Delivery has been done, qualification on site is now required. Thanks to a tough documentation package provided with all our project, we can move really quickly through the execution of the IQ protocol. OQ are then a good way to show during its execution how the system is working, showing several compliant cycles and behaviour when an alarm occurs.


    Customer's quality department is now requesting deeper controls of the solution provided. Usually written by the customer with our support.