Decontamination services

The service who fits to your punctual need of decontamination

As a leading brand in the supply of VH2O2 decontamination systems for the phama industry, we also offer our know-how to carry out decontamination services to third parties for different applications such as biodecontamination of rooms or biosafety cabinets.

You prefer to contract the service of decontamination, Solidfog can provide to you a dedicated decontamination service reaching your specifics requirements.

A number of equipment are  available for decontamination service, our team can practice in a short time a fully documented decontamination work with appropriate results.



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Key features


The methodology and protocol intended to be followed is presented to customer for approval before execution. This protocol is used as report to validate the results.

Independant results

Biological indicators used for the services can be incubated by the customer if he has the capacity to do this or it's always given to a independant laboratory to keep the result impartial.

Wide range of equipment available

DosyMist®, DosyMist® with remote spray head and DosyMist XL® are available in sufficient quantity to treat up to 5000 m³ at a time.
Several NeutraMist are also available to be used in those cycles, when short cycles are required.